10 things to look for in Designing Packaging

Packaging is one of the main attraction for someone buying something. The more nice packaging possibilities of attracting purchasers will also be increased. But to design something packaging not only votes from some sides only. Well this time the diam2belajar will review the important things that must be considered in designing A package. Check This out:

Look for in Designing Packaging

1. Unique and creative

10 things to look for in Designing Packaging

If the products (or packaging) we recognize in bagaimana mendesain sebuah produk dengan seperti website lembaga desain kemasan a lot of people, we make packaging sekreatif possible. Contohlah breakfast cereal packaging which often include game mazes, puzzles and more to encourage consumers to buy such products. Or, we can also get creative with the shape of the packaging as the example above.

2. Fonts and colors

The color of the packaging should be adjusted to the type of its products. Or, if the company has had a typical corporate color, may also be applied to the packaging.

We make sure your using the right font and color contrast. Do not use the orange text on a red background or the like. As a guide, book Color Index we can use as a reference the matching color.

For the form of the font, we select the appropriate and suitable for the product. We do not need to use a font that is too ‘ sophisticated automated analysers ‘, which in fact it is hard to read.

3. The Label Readable

Most of the consumers first read information about products they will buy, because they want to know what they buy, and if they buy it right. Then, it’s been so our task to ensure that the consumer is able to read the information listed on the packaging properly. Here’s how? Yes, by making sure the size and shape of the font used is easy to read.

Consumers will read the label before making a decision to buy. Several times, they will compare the product with other products. Well, if we’re designing packaging that is easy to read, and the consumers are satisfied with the information they read, surely they will not go and find another product, they will buy it.

The thing is, it only takes a few seconds in front of shelves at the supermarket before consumers decide will buy a product. They don’t have much time to read all the labels, so we shouldn’t waste their time and of course our time, with a design label that is too small and ‘ sophisticated automated analysers ‘ to read, this is one mistake that is often made of the designer.

4. Make use of images

Our society is very easily affected by things that can be digested by the five senses. In terms of the stimulus package, the most easily digestible is the visual stimuli. Therefore we should include images/visual in the design of our packaging, whether cartoon, photo products, photo model or whatever. We make sure that the image is very high resolution and will look good no matter how big or how small the size.

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