Enterprising National Poultry Wake to Populate the source of Protein in Animal

Until now, the Ministry of agriculture (Kementan) continues to do a number of strategic steps to meet protein needs Indonesia society.Because kementan not only parties focus their efforts on the achievement of self-sufficiency of beef, but also constantly seeking nutritious food provision and measures balanced through increased poultry production in particular chicken egg dàn as a source of animal protein. The Government sought so that the availability of chicken meat and eggs in the ground water would be sure and with a price that is cheaper than beef.

“We will continue to keep the availability of animal protein it can tercukupkan, by increasing the availability of outside of beef mainly from chicken egg dàn,” said Director of cultivation and Perbibitan, Directorate General of animal husbandry and animal health Kementan, Surahman, as in the affidavits are accepted from Sumber Protein Hewani, Monday (8/8).

Populate the source of Protein in Animal

At this time the population of chickens ras meat reaching 3.3 billion chickens ras tail and laying 210.3 million tail. While the current range chicken population amounted to 286.5 million. The availability of chicken meat and eggs are already surplus exceeds the needs of consumption.

Further, Surahman said that the origin of the animal food production livestock chickens ras currently accounts for 55 per cent in the form of meat and 71 percent of eggs. Meanwhile, range chicken accounted for only 11 per cent in the form of meat and 11 percent of the egg.

Besides chickens ras had led the revolution in Indonesia from the people menu Red-meat to White meat from the 55-cent Buffalo or beef consumption is down to 17 percent and consume poultry chickens ras and good range being 67 per cent during the last 50 years the previous 15 percent.

“Now the chickens ras has grown as an industry that comes with supporting industry namely feed, seeds, drugs and other supporting industries. To improve the efficiency of the production of chickens ras, industry has been integrating from upstream, since cultivation, and downstream, “said Surahman.

He also describes the condition of the poultry 2016, among others, occur over supply of chicken meat production chickens ras national cut 80 percent controlled by the company’s integration and only 20% independent, breeder chickens ras production 20 percent for processing and 80 percent sold to the traditional market, thus reducing the market share self-catering chicken breeders, he explained.
To that end, Surahman confirms some of the Kementan policy to maintain stability of supply and demand of chickens ras.

Among other things, removing Regulations the Minister of agriculture (Permentan) number 26/Permentan/PK 230/5/2016 about provision, Circulation, and the supervision of Chickens Ras. This regulation governs the demand supply balance of chicken meat and strict import GGPS pengkontrolan and GPS as well as the certainty of supply from the DOC getting breeders breeder.

Second, the Kementan continued to monitor the circulation of DOC in accordance with Indonesia’s National Standard (SNI).
Third, reduce the import of raw materials to gradually feed from within the country.

Fourth, supporting the promotion of consuming chicken and eggs, changing the public perception about his consuming chicken”Fifth, the program early to stem afkir temporarily halted, until a final decision on the existence of CHOCOLATE, except early afkir initiative each if deemed necessary,” shot Surahman.

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