How to prepare married with islam

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From Abu Hurairah r.a, the messenger of said: “Three people are always given the help of God is a mujahid who always fight for the religion of God, a writer who always gave the antidote & a married to keep her honor” (HR Thabrani)
A lot of roads that can deliver people to peminangan & marriage. Much because the mendekatkan two people each other away to become husband and wife full of barakah & diridhai God. When the intention is a steady & determined is round, prepare the heart to step into the peminangan. Recommended, to start an application with hamdalah & compliment others to Allah SWT. And Shalawat to the Apostle of His. Abu Hurairah r.a. tell her that the messenger of peace be upon him never said: “Every word that does not begin with a reading hamdalah, then it’s a little barakahnya (disconnected keberkahannya)” HR Abu David, Ibn Majah & Priests’m ahmad.

how to claim

After peminangan delivered, let the woman & the woman concerned to consider. Some give you the answers right away, before the feet move from place berpijaknya, because married mendekatkan to safety should the afterlife, was an come been known akhlaqnya, some need a long enough time to be able to give certainty is pinangan accepted or rejected, because marriage is not for a day or two.

Whatever, leave it to family woman to decide. They know better what decision was best for his son. You have to husnudzan on them. Isn’t that when you claim a woman means you trust the woman who is expected by you and his family. Any decision they give, all based on deliberation straight, it will be good and inshallah give a result that is good for you. Don’t upset the people who istikharah & not to lose people’s deliberation. Then whatever the result of deliberation, all well done, will rank earns him the kindness. A decision can’t be called bad or negative, if it is based upon deliberation that qualifies, just because it doesn’t give the chance to you to become a member of their family. If your intentions are to silaturrahim, isn’t still plenty of opportunities to connect?

You have meminangnya with hamdalah, you have dimampukan come by God The Eternal Big. He is The Eternal Bigger. Everything little. There’s a very precious lesson from the Bilal bin Rabbah about the claim. When she was with Ash Ruwaihah facing kabilah Khaulan, Bilal propose : “If pinangan us that you have received, we say thank god. And if you refuse, then we say Allahu Akbar.” Then, if pinangan you say rejected, agungkan God, I hope you keep good thought to God & also to his family. The cause could be, rejection is a way pensucian soul of kedzaliman yourself, can so a rejection is a process to reach kematangan, kemantapan & kejernihan intent. While there are many things that can make a mess of the intention. Could be God was about to raised degrees you, unless you just instead of insulting yourself. But the hearts need to be checked, don’t the feelings that arise because of ujub.

Disappointment, arise. Perhaps there’s a feeling that tingle, perhaps there is also the lost confidence when. This is a reaction to the psychic fair, disappointed is a feeling humane, but he should be treated with the right way so he doesn’t derail into the abyss kenistaan very dark. Upset was bitter. People often can’t stand to bear this disappointment, they tried to throw away a source of disappointment. At a glance you see no problem, but every time were in the condition of cartilage. The feeling that it’s easy to rise up again with pain more tingle. And that doesn’t fit Islam.

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