Motivate Yourself Always Let The Spirit

Have you ever heard the words “The best motivator is yourself” (the best Motivator is yourself). We know that in order to stay motivated needed a struggle.

Motivate Yourself Always Let The Spirit

In the reality of this life we cannot pungkiri that every day our brains are always attacked by negative thoughts, whether it be fears of the future, regret in the past, etc.

Well, every person without exception definitely never been confronted with various problems and persolan in his life, therefore it need it once so that we could train and encourage ourselves so that we keep the spirit and do not fall in negative thoughts, which precisely if left will further worsen the situation that was going on.

Because unwaha basically every human being that are created equal by God, which sets it apart from the way we think, the way we look at an issue, if we have mentally a champion/winner, then we will be able to go ahead. But if we have a mental “tempe” then we will be a loser. Then arose the question “How do we stay motivated and always this passion in his life?”.

Before the BlogMamen share with you ways to stay motivated, before we know first why we lack motivation? which there are basically 3 reasons underlying:

1. lack of confidence: If you don’t believe in yourself that you can succeed, and then for what you try? Here, we need strengthens in doing something that we want to achieve.

2. Out of focus. If you don’t know what you really want, then how can you get anything? Try to think of it, and ponder for a moment and then ask yourself “what exactly really I want in this life?”.
3. Do not know the direction of life. If you don’t know where your goal to go, and how you can get the exact place you want to go? Know yourself where is actually the direction and purpose of your life.

1. how to memotovasi yourself?

As we know together bring distrust yourself is at most a factor of why the person is not motivated. Generally this occurs because we fully focus to just what we want and forget about what we’ve got and get. And if we just focus on what we want, then our thoughts will explain why we don’t get what we want, and when this happens it can create negarif thoughts, such as failures in the past, irregular sleep, personal mendomonasi and weakness of our minds. And every so often we get a pencemburu against our competitors, and on the condition of our mind creates reasons that seems logical why we weren’t successful, and at the same time we have made a bad assumption and imaging about ourselves, so that loss of confidence. And this if terrus left will be harmful to ourselves.

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