The Decision: Evaluation vs. Regret !

The Decision Evaluation vs. Regret

I ask You, have You ever regretted the decisions and steps that You ?

We can’t belies, one of us sure never to regret a decision that the results may not be the way we want even though we think deep, think of cook-cook. You don’t have to we feel down first and don’t need to we need to regret all the decisions are our decisions we take and live.
the decision

Try to think about that for a moment, time, time is running out and will not give us a way to get back to the front with the stall speed without acceptance we like it or not. Kitapun have been dragged down with him. Even often we miss that derasnya time of demand clench the courage to deal with it.
On the contrary, sometimes we are stuck for trying so hard to erase every trace step ditorehkan in the journey of life than to find a way to step repair yourself and style yourself live the purpose that we want to accomplish. It’s time to move forward fast forward without shrugging it off we left behind or want to go back to eliminate the trace step we torehkan though the occasional head turn around to the back. Surely no way we’re giving it back there is only the past to the future we have to face with your courage.

We won’t be able to the back, we can only evaluate back all the action and take the decision and run. Not wrong when regret will never change the past and no useless regret this constant that makes the energy and the mind we spent was wasted. Introspeksi and fix decisions and learn from so many mistakes happened. Don’t ever blame all the obstacles in our way though a pebble small cracks fingers, our legs, get rid of with the steps step smoother.

It’s fine to occasionally look back if only just to make a step different as repair. Think of it as a pebble-a pebble like the view of cynical people around who mencobah goyahkan our faith, to put away of the way the goal was we’re going through. That’s why a wise man once said ” regret is prolonged no purpose and doesn’t change anything. One important thing when we decide something is we have learned to appreciate our decision and whatever even though it might not be a big inconvenience results because it does everything any decision that we take is THE BEST AT THE TIME.

Understand the value of a responsibility ourselves petik when we honour a decision. So, no reason for us to regret decisions we have to take, not! Courage to face life is the key to the success of wading the fierceness of the ocean of life to reach the island victory. If not, don’t wrong kehidupanlah in control, isn’t it! Keep Motivation yourself !

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